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The Best Travel Duffle Bag For 2017 – Shoppers Guide

As you are no doubt aware, there are many duffle bags available on the market today and deciding which is the best duffel bag for travel or which one to use for a weekend away can be quite daunting.  The materials differ quite substantially as does the durability and innovations of the various duffle bags on the market. If you are looking for the best duffle bag for gym or the best carry on duffel bag with wheels, here are some of the basics to look at before making your decision.

Canvas Duffle Bags

leather duffle bag

Canvas duffle bags are notoriously long wearing and durable and are also known for being relatively inexpensive in relation to most other materials. Canvas duffel bags can handle some serious wear and tear and make great carry on or checked luggage. They do however, come with a bit of added weight, due to the thickness of the material used, so you need to take that in to account when packing.  If you need a travel duffle bag that fits most budgets and aren’t too hung up on the heavier material, then this may be a good bag for you. CHECK AMAZON PRICES

Leather Duffle Bag

Leather Duffel Bag

If you are on a business trip and are wanting to use a smart looking and durable carry on duffel bag, a leather duffle bag may be a good choice. Leather is supple and if taken care of, remains beautiful for a longer period of time. A leather duffle bag is extremely versatile and can be used for travel, gym or even a trip to the beach without seeming out of place. Leather also tends to be more water resistant than most materials and doesn’t get scratched as easily as some of the newer polyester blends. These are generally good quality products that mitigate the higher cost with longer durability of the duffle bag. If you are looking for perfect travel duffle bags for men that can be used for a variety of purposes, a leather duffle bag would be a good option to consider. CHECK AMAZON PRICES

Roller Duffel Bag


Roller Duffle Bag

Another aspect to consider before buying a duffle bag for travel or sports is whether you would prefer a rolling duffle bag or one that can only be carried. An extra large rolling duffle bag is a good choice for a longer trip and can be checked with minimal problems. This also saves you stresses and strains of trying to carry the bag around. On the other hand, if you are going on a backpackers holiday, you would want a bag you can sling over your shoulder and hop on and off public transport without a concern. There are various types of rolling duffle bags, some are also made to be carried over difficult terrain, but the wheels can result in a heavier bag over all. CHECK AMAZON PRICES

Weekend Duffel Bag

Weekend Duffel Bag

If you decide to go away for a weekend, you may decide on a quick road trip. The smaller duffle bags are perfect to pack in 2 or 3 sets of clothing, a spare set of shoes and the toiletry essentials you might need for your trip. You may decide to fly somewhere, or take a train to somewhere not too far away for a nice weekend getaway. Packing your duffle bag is easy and convenient, with enough space for all the basic essentials in the smaller carry bags. If you need to pack more or are bringing anything back with you, you may then want to choose one of the medium size bags. If your weekend away if for a sporting function, a large travel duffel bag will allow you to pack your equipment, along with your clothing, shoes and basics.  Duffle bags are versatile, durable and easy to pack and go. CHECK AMAZON PRICES

Best Travel Duffle Bag For You Needs

best duffel bag for travel

The best travel duffle bag for your needs may depend on the airline you are flying with, the duration of your stay away from home and if there are laundry facilities easily available where you are travelling to. You will need to pick a duffle bag that matches up to your mode of travel, the type of trip you are taking and how long you plan to travel for. A road trip or a trip on a train or boat may not be as restrictive of the size of your bag as would be the case should you fly. Short trips would only require a small bag with your basics in it, while a longer trip may require more clothing, extra pairs of shoes and more. A business trip would need something like one of the stunning leather duffle bags to make a good impression, while a canvas duffle bag would be best suited for a backpacking holiday.

Once you have the basic idea of the duffle bag you will need for your trip, you can go in to more detail when deciding on the type of bag to purchase.  If you have family members travelling with you, or even a sports team, you might need to consider them in your purchasing decision as well. When deciding on a duffle bag for travelling with or even day to day use, make sure to purchase one that is more durable and long lasting.  Purchasing a cheap, plastic blended fabric duffle bag may end up being a false economy in the long run. Purchasing a better quality product may cost a little more in the beginning, but it will save you in the long run as you won’t need to replace as often due to wear and tear or damage from the elements.

The next trick is choosing the right size to meet your needs.  If you are travelling by air, you need to check the carry on and the checked sizes of bags that are allowed to ensure you do not exceed the recommended size and weight limits when packing your items. If your usual form of travel calls for a larger bag, it may also save you to purchase the larger bag straight off the bat and still use this same bag for your shorter trips or when you do not need to pack quite as much. The main purpose of the duffle bag you are purchasing can also help you decide on the right size to buy. It does not make sense to purchase an extra large bag for daily trips to the gym and back. It also would not make sense to buy a small bag when you are using it for business trips of long vacations. You can look at a bag with is expandable or that has extra additions that can be added on to make the bag more versatile or purchase the size that fits your exact requirements.

Choose a bag that matches you individual style and taste. The duffle bags that are normally available are often manufactured in a large variety of colours and some even have specific designs, which will make your bag more distinctive, especially on the carousel at the airport. While electric pink might be great in a gym bag, you might want to choose something a little more toned down if you are going straight to a business meeting when you get off the plane. You may also want to look at the durability of the bags available and choose one that will stand up to your individual usage statistics. You may also want to look at the bags that are softer or firmer, depending on your needs and how well they stand up to adverse weather conditions. If you prefer to be ultra organised, you might also want to see the pockets the bags have internally and externally to keep all of your goods in place and easy to access.

Most of the duffle bags today come with straps to carry the bags by hand and some also have the shoulder strap which is usually adjustable and generally cushioned for comfort when carrying the bag. If you choose a larger duffle for your journey, you might want to look at the bags with rolling options as the larger bags may be heavy and uncomfortable to carry. You may look at one with a detachable frame which can be used as a normally backpack style duffle bag or as a rolling bag when necessary. Make sure you examine the zippers and the zip pulls to ensure the material is not flimsy and the pulls won’t rust over a short time period.

Durability and affordability are also two major contributing factors when purchasing your travel duffle bag or sports bag. The best way is to purchase the best quality you can afford. Good quality means better durability and a longer lifetime for your duffel bag. Set your budget, look at the options and then shop for the bag that fits in with your budget and your needs, while providing great value for money.


There you have it, a good place to start when you decide to purchase your duffle bag. These basic guidelines will help you purchase the best bag for your needs, which will provide a long term solution to your packing needs.

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