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Best Carry On Luggage and Lightweight Bag Reviews 2017

The Best Carry on Luggage Knowing What to Shop For

Kenneth Cole carry on luggage

Carry on luggage needs to be well thought out as airlines become more strict on what can and can’t be brought on board with you. You also have to ensure that you can pack all that you need into your carry-on and that your items will stay safe and secure for your flight. There are a number of factors to look at when deciding on the perfect carry-on luggage for your trip.



Luggage Size image

It is important to check with the airline on the maximum size of carry-on luggage they allow. For most airlines, these kind of bags need to be under 22 inches high and under 15 inches wide and under 9 inches high, including the wheels and handle if you have them. There are some carriers that demand smaller bags, as small as 17 inches by 13 inches, so make sure your bag will be allowed on the carrier you are using for your trip. When you choose your luggage, the outside measurements are important, but you also need to know how much space there is inside the bag. Luggage that is oddly shaped or has too many pockets can reduce the amount of items that you can pack into the bag. The placement of wheels, straps and handles can also cause limitations on your internal packing area. If you can afford to purchase different luggage for different carriers, that’s great, but if not, look at the smallest size required by the airlines that you will be using.


Luggage weight image


Most airlines now limit the amount of weight you are allowed to take on as well, so it is important that your bag itself be light weight so that you can pack more into the bag before it becomes too heavy to take as your luggage. Check the weight before packing and remember that items such as hard frames and wheels can add a lot of weight to the bag as well.

Strength and durability Luggage Durability and Strength

Your baggage isn’t subject to a lot of the mishandling that happens when bags are loaded as cargo but you also don’t want to pay a premium for a bag that only lasts one trip before falling apart. Check that the bag is made of decent materials and is sturdy and well put together. If its a travel bag on wheels, make sure they are a good quality so that you don’t have to replace them too often as well. Ideally you would like to get at least a few years worth of travelling out of a good piece of carry-on luggage.

Overall Design

This boils down to personal choice to a large degree depending on what you pack and how you pack your luggage. Some people prefer to have little pockets inside and outside while others go with a larger single or double storage area inside the bag to be able to pack more into the space. Having a pocket on the outside may also be useful for quick access to items such as tickets and documents. Some bags have larger pockets that allow you to slide your laptop in to for travelling, and you can then remove it quickly and easily when going through the security screening process. This is entirely based on your taste and how you usually pack for your trips.

There are various types of carry-on designer luggage to choose from, all of which have their pros and cons, here are a few of the most common types:


Hardside Luggage wheeled Carry OnRolling Carry On Luggage

These cases are becoming more and more commonplace as carry on bags and are available in most of the standard sizes required by airlines. These bags tend to be rather rigid and are good for corporate travel when you need to keep items tidy and unwrinkled. There is sometimes a bit of wasted space due to handles and wheels though, but you are generally able to pack the internal area quite full. Carry on suitcase with wheels tend to be quite durable and are good for protecting fragile items you travel with. The wheels also make them easy to travel with as they don’t need to be carried everywhere. These bags do tend to be heavier than other types of luggage though and they can be difficult to use in areas with stairs or on uneven surfaces.




Sweetbriar Vintage Canvas Bag

Weekend Bags

These bags are good for short trips such as a weekend stay over and are generally available in a number of different sizes. These bags do not have wheels or straps so they can be carried as a back pack so you are restricted to what you are able to carry on your arm or over your shoulder. These do expand and allow for the entire internal area to be used and there are seldom any weight or size issues with these types of bags. They are generally cheaper than most other options and are easy to handle on board smaller aircraft.



Travel Hiking& Camping Rucksack Pack

Travel backpacks

When travelling into more remote areas or places where you are not likely to be able to wheel your luggage around as easily, the carry on backpack could solve your problem. Carrying the bag on your bag allows you to handle more weight and is a lot more comfortable than carrying on your arm or over one shoulder. If you get a backpack with a waist strap, it can also help reduce strain on your back. These types of carry-on backpack also tend to be lighter. If you have to carry a shoulder bag, the back pack could be in the way though, so take your other personal luggage into consideration when choosing a bag as well.



22 Inch Andante Wheeled Duffel

Duffle bags with wheels

These bags tend to be a lightweight option although the wheels do add to the weight. The wheels do however allow you to push or pull your carry-on bag as opposed to having to carry it around. You will have to measure carefully and check allowed sizes if you use this type of bag as they tend to be larger than your standard size bags. These rolling duffle bags are not good to use if you have anything fragile in your carry on baggage, nor if you are looking to keep everything neat and tidy inside the bag. They have no rigidity and offer little in the way of protection for your packed goods.




Sunrise Rolling BackpackWheeled backpacks

These backpacks are fairly versatile and work well as carry-on luggage but are often an awkward shape or size, so you need to choose carefully when picking up one of these. Check the weight as they are generally a lot heavier than a normal backpack and the wheels / handle reduces the internal area that could be utilised. These baggage work decently when wheeled but do sometimes tend to be a bit less comfortable when used as a backpack. Due to the extra weight and unusual design, you need to make sure you check the bag for strength and well designed wheels and straps so that you do not have to replace it again in a short space of time.


There are many brands available and the prices range from reasonable to exorbitant based on your choices of style, quality and manufacturer brand. Choosing your carry on luggage ends up being more of a personal choice at the end of the day and you would need to choose an item that works for your travel requirements and your personal tastes.

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