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Carry on Luggage, Suitcase and Duffle Bag Reviews 2017

Carry On Luggage Reviews

Every seasoned traveler knows that a comfortable and versatile carry on luggage is almost as essential as a boarding pass or visa. Whether you prefer something sleek to compliment your travel bag or if you plan to live out of it for the next few months, finding the right carry-on bag makes the trip. And as designers continue to revamp what it means to be a carry-on bag, finding the right designer luggage for your trip is becoming even easier. So whether you are looking for something to carry your electronics safely across state borders or you are trying to save a few extra dollars by not checking any bags, chances are there is the perfect bag for you.

Travel in comfort with all your essentials safe, secure, and most importantly, where you can reach them when you need them most. You can even travel knowing your financial information is protected with RFID protected piece of luggage, keeping you and your credit card information safe while your fly.

Carry on luggage has advanced light-years beyond simple backpacks and purses, as the modern traveler, so take advantage of the full range of bags available to help you get to your next destination in comfort and style. For more spinner luggage reviews  click more

Samsonite Spinner Luggage 3 Piece Set

Few pieces of luggage are as iconic as the classic hardside luggage suitcase. Synonymous with the golden era of air travel, the hard shell luggage piece gently reminisces about the days of free love, steel cars, and possibilities. A throw back to when air travel first opened the world up to the many who would forever fall in love with travel. Though those days have long since passed, the hardside baggage is nod to air travel in its heyday, perfect for any chic and hip traveler. Every stylish traveler knows that a sleek piece of hard case baggage is not only a must have for anyone looking to enter the skies in style, but every traveler who wants to make sure their possessions are safe and secure. As with all things in life, beyond looking stylish, the true strength of a piece of hard side luggage lies, well in its strength. The hard shell casing of hard side suitcase protects all of your valuables from all the jostles, jumps, and bumps you can encounter as you jet off to your next destination. Instantly and simultaneously, classic and trendy, the hardside suitcase is still living its days in the golden era of life. read more

Duffel Bag

Duffle bags are the classic go to for every minimalistic traveler who knows what they need without the frills. Duffle bags have come quite a distance since their start as the standard military issued travel bag for service men and women, though the same function and versatility has not changed one bit. Nothing quite beats the ease of travel when travelling with only a duffel. You no longer have to worry about keeping track of carry on and checked baggage, just grab your duffel and you’re ready to start moving across time zones. Though just because you prefer to travel with simplistic taste doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice comfort, many duffels are created with your extensive travels in mind. Being one of the most durable luggage your money can buy, duffle bags are constructed of tough and tested materials so no matter where life brings you, your bag will be there. Easily stored when not in use and able to carry practically all of your possessions comfortably, these bag has proven itself time and time again as the perfect bag for the effective traveler. No frills, no wheels, no excuses, the duffel bag is completely serious about traveling simply. read more

Softside luggage

The epitome of air travel, softside luggage is the perfect piece of luggage for the traveler constantly on the move. Built for comfort, style, and of course function, softcase luggage perfectly blends all the best aspects of other pieces of luggage while eschewing much of the frivolities. A great piece of softshell suitcase can be just as durable as the most sturdy duffel bag, while providing just as much carry power, as stylish and trendy as its harder shell cousin, and of course versatile enough to become to be your only bag or the perfect complement to your luggage set. Softcase luggage has become the most popular choice of baggage for travelers across the world for good reason. As airport regulations continue to change around the world and the limit of what you can carry on a plane seems to be influx, soft side cases allows you to carry everything you will need for your trip while providing that little bit extra space for anything you may pick up along the way. Top designers have even begun to recognize the popularity of softside luggage, with even the biggest names from Paris’s runways lending their name to their own line of luggage. read more

Duffel Bag With Wheels

Where nothing was able to beat the duffel bag in terms of sheer efficiency in travel, the rolling duffel bag took that a step further. Duffle bag with wheels are still the perfect companion of any serious traveler, allowing you to pack everything you may need on your trip into a single, easy to find bag, though with the added benefit of not breaking your back while you travel. The wheeled duffle bag remedies what some would call the only major flaw of a duffel bag, its weight. As you are able to carry everything in one single bag, duffels were not the easiest bag to travel with unless you were ready to put on some muscle between transferring flights. Though the rolling duffel brought the same durability and efficiency famous to the standard issue for all serious travelers to rest of the world. Rolling duffels offer a level of durability not seen in other rolling types of baggage as they build on the same rugged toughness inherent for all duffle bags. With a duffle bag with wheels you can forget about worrying about keeping track of all your carry-ons and checked baggage and simply roll forward towards your next destination. read more

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